Terms & Condition For Roadmaster

Welcome to the Roadmaster platform. The Roadmaster platform is operated by Roadmaster Pvt firm.. The Roadmaster platform provides every user with a platform where they can avail of specific carriage service which are offered by us. The Roadmaster platform may be presently accessed on our website www.Roadmaster.in , where our team will make a booking for you on the Roadmaster platform.Use of the Roadmaster platform is governed by the following terms and conditions.Please Review the term of service carefully by using the Roadmaster platform you are agreeing to complyte with and be bound by the term of service.If you don't agree to the term of service , you should not use the Roadmaster logistics platform. we operate a good transport agency including through the Roadmaster application.you may use the Roadmaster platform for your personal and business use according to our term and conditions. We are not responsible for any loss caused to you arising out of the carriage services being provided by your use of the Roadmaster platform.

Acceptance of the term and conditions:-

a. Your use of the Roadmaster platform is subjected to the term service which may be updated from time to time with out notice to you.

b.All registration information you submit is truthful and accurate.

c. You will maintain the accuracy of such information.

d. You can not use the Roadmaster platform by drinking wine or any drug , it's illegal.

e. If you are our compitator,than you not able to use our platform.

f.No accident will be paid by the Roadmaster company for any accident, neither the user nor the drive.To get insurance for the solution of the accident.

g.Parking and toll tax paid by the user separately that is not included in Roadmaster logistics bill.

h. Value adds service will be charged extra.

I. Outer are night time charges may be applicable.

j. GST 5.0% may be applicable on the total fare.

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